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    I have my website set up so that there are widgets that are to appear on all PAGES within the right hand sidebar. I have made sure that all of my PAGES are infact, PAGES and not POSTS. But the only changes to sidebar widgets I can see are on my homescreen? The footer widgets seem to be fine on all pages but it’s just those pesky sidebar ones I cn’t seem to work with celestial lite 🙁
    Website is: (It’s a site in progress)

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    Greetings! Was there a particular page(s) you are not seeing the right sidebar column?

    I went to your site to see what is happening, and saw your front page which I am assuming is using the Page Right Sidebar template. But you will want to double check to make sure your other pages that need the right sidebar are using the Page Right Sidebar template as well (and that the widgets are in the “Page Right Sidebar” and not the “Blog Right Sidebar”.

    If it’s still not working, is there a chance you could send me a login and I can try this out? If so, contact me from my website with the details.

    I am using the correct Page Right Bar rather than Blog Right Bar.. I don’t really want to give you my details, how do I go about letting you change things? (If you hack me, you die.) 😉

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    lol….if I did anything, that would be the end of my business 🙂

    But I totally understand. So you have a few options here:

    1. create a separate user login for me then delete it after
    2. We can try and do this troubleshooting from this thread posting
    3. Start your site over

    I just tested Celestial Lite on my local install and I am unable to replicate what you are experiencing…in other words, it’s working for me.

    Ive made you a new account, can i have your email address to send it to?

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    Contact me from my website and click on the “Contact” link in the footer.

    sent (Y)

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    Thanks…got the login. So rather than me go through every page, which ones are the pages to have the right sidebar column?


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    Ok…I think I know what is happening….first, all your pages were set on the “Default Page template” which is a full width template without the left or right sidebars. I changed the sub page “About Us” to a “Page Right Sidebar” template, then I noticed it did not change and show up on the front-end of the site (still full width).

    This should be working as it does on my local test site, until I noticed you are using the W3 Caching plugin which I believe is causing the problem and not refreshing the page(s) to the changes. Two ways to check if this is the problem is to change your Cache settings, or to disable the plugin for a while and see if that helps.

    Oh, as for your front page, you are using the default blog front page (not a static front page) from the start which is why the widget shows up which is in the “Blog Right Sidebar” position.

    Haven’t I got the cache plugin already disabled though? It was causing me grief elsewhere so haven’t had it enabled…..
    Could you make these recommended changes yourself? <3

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    I just downloaded the Celestial lite 1.9 and installed it into another WordPress I have setup. I created a page with the Right Sidebar template, then created a text widget and dragged a couple others into the Page Right Sidebar position; it works.

    I then went back into your site and changed a couple pages to use the Page Right Sidebar template, and your widgets are showing. So you will want to change your pages (opening each one) and selecting the Page Right Sidebar template under the “Page Attributes” option in the editor window.

    I did this for your About Us and Competitions pages.

    OK thankyou for your help, at least I know what to do now! On another note, do you know how to move a wordpress site from a folder to the root without cocking things up?
    For instance, the current site within the ‘newsite’ folder but would like to move everything to the core as I’m pretty happy with what your theme has provided 🙂

    Also, do you know if it is possible to have both the right and left hand sided widgets active on each page? Rather than how its just the right hand side as it is now?

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    You’re very welcome… for your other questions such as moving a site, here is a good source of info:

    Regarding the “left and right” sidebars, Celestial Lite or even the PRo does not have a template with both on the same page. Sorry about that…something I should perhaps consider on the next update though.

    OK thanks for your support.. Just two more things:

    What should I do about the homepage? I can’t see how I can edit it at all anywhere?

    I’m trying to add a promotional slideshow widget to the side of each page but can’t get it to work.. (Could you see if I have installed it correctly?) Do you know any widgets that do this better?

    So what do I get out of moving to the Pro version? Could be tempted..
    Thankyou! 🙂

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