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  • Hi, I just finished customizing a wordpress theme from a 2 column to a 3 column by adding an extra sidebar. Everything is in place but now the left sidebar (the original sidebar) shows widgets that I don’t have added in to the widget section in WP, and won’t show any new ones I add (I do have two widget sidebars in that area now, it’s just not registering them). Not sure what the story is… any help would be greatly appreciated!! Site is

    Hope the URL’s not offensive, I’m in the adult entertainment industry. Thanks in advance!! 🙂

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  • Update- I was able to make it start showing the widgets, but now it is not using the correct formatting. The right sidebar is fine. Any thoughts?

    Could you be more specific about which formatting isn’t correct, and what it should be? It looks like the right sidebar is influenced by the formatting for anchor tags, but there are only div elements in the left sidebar, which is part of the difference.

    Thanks for your response. I went into the codes and I have div’s in both the rightsidebar and sidebar php’s. Not sure what you are seeing. I am trying to make the left sidebar (sidebar) use the same formatting as you see in the rightsidebar- for example the pink text, and purple highlight. Here is the code in each sidebar file as well as the function file:

    Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

    Ok actually I just realized it is only TEXT widgets that are the problem, and it is in fact affecting both sides.. other widgets display the correct formatting, but text widgets have the wrong color text and don’t have a purple highlight upon hovering.

    OK looking into it further it appears that the correct code for the text widget font is shown in the ul li code, but it is being overwritten by the body CSS style and therefore not displaying correctly (it displays the body style). However the other widgets have the correct formatting (font styles & hover) and are taking it from the body code. Does that make any sense? This is what I see using Firebug to look at the coding for each element, anyway.

    I was able to manually insert the color into the sidebar codes so the color of text in the text widgets is now correct, but obviously the issue is bigger then that. Something is def screwed up in my coding and making body overwrite sidebar class and vice versa…

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    Currently, the purple highlighting as you hover over the links is because they are anchor elements, and have a style applied to a:hover. If you other text elements aren’t links, then the hover effect won’t apply to them, unless you apply it to those elements (such as p:hover). The only downside to that is that no all browsers will display a hovering effect for non-anchor elements, so just be aware of that before you try it.

    It doesn’t appear that the body attributes are overriding your sidebar… It looks like the sidebar just didn’t have the correct style applied (although that mostly seems to be corrected as I look at the site now). You may also want to use <p> tags to contain your text rather than <div> tags, as that is more conventional.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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