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  • Hey,

    I’m trying to achieve a similar effect of the rollovers on the right-hand sidebar on this here site:

    I know the code used:

    ul {
        list-style:none; // Gets rid of the li blobs
    ul li {
        margin-bottom:2px; // the gap between each block
        border:1px solid #yourBGcolor; // set this to whatever colour you want the blocks
    ul li a {
        text-decoration:none; // gets rid of the underline
        padding:0px 3px; // makes the spacing round the text neat
        background-color: #yourBgColour; // Set this to the same as above
        color: #yourTextColour; // Set this to an opposite color so the text shows up.
    ul li a:hover {
        background-color:#backgroundHighlightColour; // this is the colour the block goes when you roll over, i set it to the text color above
        color:#yourBgColour; // set this to the same as the background color above..  These two essentially reverse the color scheme on rollover.

    But have no idea how to slot this into style.css in the theme. I’ve tried slotting this stuff in or appending to the ones I think each refer to (eg. #sidebar ul… part in the stylesheet), but the funny thing is nothing happens. Even in frustration I remove bits of code but it has no effect. So as i’m a CSS newbie, where should this code go ?

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