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  • Hi all,

    is there a posibility to fix the left sidebar nav on its posotion, because if im using mobile devices or low resolutions ( for visually impaired people), the sidebar nav jumps to the bottom. I appreciate the great responsive design, but many reader devices for visually impaired can’t handle with the sliding main menu, so I’m looking for a responsive design with fixed nav-sidebar.


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  • Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    The sidebar nav dropping under the content is by design. In the markup of the page, there is no change, so, unless I’m completely mistaken — I have not done extensive accessibility testing for Museum Core — there should be no difference in how a screen reader interprets the code.

    If you are looking for a “responsive design with a fixed sidebar” I honestly think you will be looking for a while. I have never seen a responsive design that has a fixed sidebar because that’s not responsive. I have seen sites that lack a responsive design where the sidebar does not move, but that kills the mobile experience because it makes the content area so small that you need to use zoom controls on your mobile device to be able to read the content. That is not responsive — it’s not responding or adjusting to the size of the screen, it’s just trying to render the same thing on a smaller device. If that’s what you want, I would recommend looking for a theme that is not responsive at all.

    Sidebars are problematic across the board for screen readers because they are blocks of content that have nothing to do with the main content body of a page and, therefore, can be confusing for users who are visually impaired. Unfortunately, this theme was not built with accessibility in mind (it may be something that gets addressed in a future update).

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    thanks for your fast response!

    I understand your thoughts, they are alsolutly comprehensible, just hoped there is posibility to make a responsive design for 720 px (as expample) witdth or larger and a fixed design for smaller resolutions, but I garee with you, it would kill the responsive design for smaller devices!

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