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  • I haven’t been playing with my site, or the temnplate, but when I checked in on it yesterday, I noticed that the sidebar and all its widgets now reside at the bottom of a page of blog posts and I have no idea why.

    My site is and I am using iTheme2. Help? I tried changing themes but was getting the same issue.

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  • It may be that you’ve made either the content area or the sidebar wide enough that they can’t occupy the same horizontal space on the page … and so your browser leaves the content area (which comes first in the template) in the correct area, but bumps the sidebar below that.

    The solution, presuming this is the issue, would be to check your width specifications … including anything you put into the content area, the sidebar, etc.

    Ah … it’s also possible that your coding is incorrect (for instance, you closed a <div> before you should have), and so I’d also check your code. The code validators are great for that purpose:

    Sadly, the validator won’t add up your widths and tell you if there’s an error. <grin>



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    something is broken inside the content of your latest article ‘The Future of eBooks?’
    you can simply check this by clicking on the post title; and you will see the same error in the single post view.

    it probably is missing a </div> at the end.

    edit the post using the html mode of the editor; and add the missing </div>

    Thanks alchymyth! Who knew something as simple as a missing </div> could be the cause of so much trouble.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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