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  • At I made a post today & the right sidebar just disappeared down to the bottom of the page. Was fine before todays post – the post has only a single small image, rest is text & links – why should that have happened?

    Looks like the sidebar is somehow right outside the whole page width?

    I am using WP2.0 & WordPress Default 1.5 Theme.

    I tried editing style.css after hours spent on the forums here. Learnt a lot but couldn’t fix it.

    /* Begin Sidebar */
    padding: 20px 0 10px 0;
    margin-left: 545px;
    width: 190px;
    was the existing code …… didn’t help changing to 170 or margin to 565. Etc etc.

    Please do not tell me to upgrade to 2.71 unless that really IS the only solution – my hosting is a little complicated right now.

    Apologies – newbie struggles 😉

    Thank you in advance,
    Nico Morrison
    London UK

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  • It looks to me like you’ve forgotten to close your <img> tag in that post. Here’s your applicable section of code:

    <div class="entry">
    					<p align="left"><img height="96" width="96" alt="Nico M" id="image6" src="" /></p>

    Also, many of these types of errors can be tracked down and fixed through site validation. It’s fairly common for a failure to close tags to cause layout errors.

    I wrote up a couple of posts (Part 1 and 2) here: How To: Validating Your Site the Easy Way.

    Hopefully that’ll help.

    I can’t believe that I did some manual html editing & never validated it – what a wuss! Also though, embarrassingly, which page is this html error on? I checked the last posting & style.css & I feel silly I should know.

    Which .php file is that error in?

    I’m used to local html generation with Homesite, validate every change …. new to social networking & blogging & online editing. Confused but getting there of London,
    Nico M

    It should be within that post. Go into the WP back end and edit that first post. Switch to HTML view in the write post editor and then close your image in the appropriate spot with an </img> tag.

    Don’t forget to double check each post’s content, not just the underlying code in the .php files.

    Also, I assume this is actually the cause of the problem. If this doesn’t fix it, you can post back to see if myself or others have another idea.

    You’re missing a closing UL in your sidebar…

    I refer to one of these.

    @t310s – do you mean sidebar.php in the active theme? it validates for closed unordered lists just fine??

    @asechrest – I had a look at the very first post containing that <img ….
    86 The tag: “img” has an XML style closing syntax for an empty element even though version: “HTML4” is not an XML tag language.

    CSE Validator wrote that ……. this actually is the wysiwyg editor in WP doing the closing – not me sorry, so it aint that. Tried replacing with ‘classic’ html closing style – but no difference in sidebar pos. Doing any editing of the post inside WP reverted it to the xml style closing tab. wysiwyg editor must do its own validation.

    Stil looking – it probably IS something in the Sidebar somewhere, either that or the last post after which the page went wonky.

    Thanks a lot peoples – any other suggestions for further enquiry are welcomed.

    Nico M

    I think it is in the most recent post, because:

    All the other (3) posts look perfect when viewed in the archives:

    Only the most recent – go to the bottom & see the displaced bottom bar!

    MUST be the culprit – but I can’t see the error in the html & CSE Val throws up a zillion xml errors so I don’t know which the ACTUAL error-inducing error is.

    Any suggestions what the error there might be please 😉

    Nico M

    Well something is unclosed, because your page is missing background when i view it…

    Temporarily turn off the sidebar, does the problem clear up, if so you know where to look…

    Worth a shot for the sake of a few seconds testing…

    Removed the most recent post & all is OK now. I will now whack the saved html from that post into my local editor & find out what the blazes I did wrong & repost when corrected.

    Take a look – there is nothing wrong with sidebar.php & it has not been altered.

    Nico M

    edit: was an unclosed <div= in the most recent post! Thank you for all your help.

    Lesson is VALIDATE!!!!!

    Nico M

    The same thing just happened to me at

    I’m trying these things, but can’t seem to locate the problem. Eberyone on here is so helpful if you can help me too it would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks so much.

    WOW NEVER MIND!! That validation thing is AMAZING! I was nervous when I saw all the errors but after thinking hard (I know nothing about html expect what I’ve learned in forums building this site) I figured it out!

    I had added a Google search adsense widget into my sidebar, but I uploaded my own logo onto it, the logo must have been too large that’s why I had the issue.

    Thanks for the help!!!

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