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  • I am wondering if there is something out there or how I might go about adding a small thumb gallery of the most recent images posted on my blog.

    I’d like something to go in the sidebar that a user definable number of recent images that would be pulled from one folder or the posts I guess and could be user defined as to how many thumbs appear in the table and at what size.

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  • it depends on what gallery you’re already currently using. Some galleries have scripts that’ll do this, other galleries require you to make your own or find your own.

    I’m not using a gallery script at all, I’ve just been setting up a new site and manually using an img tag to insert single images in with a post here and there. All I would like to be able to do is take those images that have been inserted and pull them and put them in a most recent image table or list of thumbs in the sidebar.

    i’m not sure of any plugins out there that do what you’re trying to do. If anything, you’d need to write a php script to do this. One suggestion is to use something like flickr

    although I haven’t used it, i’ve seen webpages with the recent photos on the sidebar like you want.

    Thank you, I’ve heard of and checked out flickr my only issue is that it appears I have to host my photos with them whereas I have excellent business web hosting with plenty of space on generally a faster server than most places like that.

    So does anyone not know how to do this or know of a plugin or something that can do this?

    Weird I got an error and it double posted. Sorry.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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