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    Please help SIDEBAR not showing up on the side anymore..
    The only theme that shows it on the side is wordpress classic??? REALLY STRANGE

    This might be a wordpress bug but I worked very hard on customizing a theme ( for a few days and then i decided to password protect the some posts.

    Everythign looked ok, up until I unlocked the post.. i Unlocked one post then ALL OF THEM (they had the same password) got unlocked and now the sidebar remains underneath main panel. I’ve tried different themes and now they are ALL doing the same thing…

    I’m completely baffled if someone prolly goes to the site now it might actually be ok but once you put in a password it will all be messed up again.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven
    looks fine.

    IF I were to login, what would happen ?
    If the sidebar disappears then you probably have some sort of code going on for logged in users. If so, remove it ?

    No, if you put in the password.. ok let me give you an example from the main site put in the password “easy” for the post title Metaphorical analysis and you will see what happens.. i think..err well it happened to me and my friend. the weird thing is that EVERY THEME is doign this now 🙁



    oh its not lol

    no matter what theme i try, the sidebar never wanst to stay at the side.. how could this be when each theme has a different style sheet? I think that this is a problem with wordpress 2.0. Somethign must have happened when unlocking posts.

    Bumping every 10 minutes or so and blaming the software will not motivate people to help you… but it may get you a warning from the moderators.

    Sidebars getting pushed to the bottom is a classic symptom of content that is too wide for it’s space. Is there a special edit link that opens when a post is unlocked? Does this special edit link make the column wider?

    Opps, I’ve deleted the “bumping” post, while WarAxe was responding.
    And you can get a mod warning for “shouting” in your title, too.
    Patience and don’t bump!

    sorry about the bumping and blaming, 🙁 I’m just frustrated.
    The thing that i do not understand is that I have changed the theme dozens of times so the width shouldnt change cuz its following the rules of the theme right? This is what I am guessing?

    I am not sure if any special edit link opens up..
    If you go to and then unlock the metaphorical analysis post using the password easy you will notice that ONLY then does the alignment get all fudged up?

    I had the theme set to a percentage before but now i have a fresh new theme with a fixed width and it is still doing the same thing. Another weird thign is that if you click the heading of a post and then when it shows you that seperately then everythign looks fine and dandy.

    I hope someone knows whats going on?

    Even before I put a password in the sidebar pushes to below the main column.

    Put on a different theme and I’ll check it again.

    thats super weird.. ok let me try the default theme

    thanks again for your helps

    Both of these themes have something wrong. You should develop your theme in FireFox or Opera, not IE. If you look in FireFox, for both of these themes, the entire middle section did not have a background image styled… it’s just the solid background color. The headers and footers were fine, but the middle is not fine. I think there is a conflict somewhere with your CSS… Somewhere in the body of one of your entries you may have some code that is turning off an important tag (like a div).


    I’m also a newbie.
    I had the same issue last night. Working for 2 hours on a new style based on “Connection”….
    Check if you don’t have a post done with 900 pixels width and switch back to 750 pixels width design.

    This solved my problem, good luck.

    i was using the same theme, how do you check for post width??
    i’m not sure of how to do that?

    Wow, I checked the source of one of your entries and it’s filled with div’s?! Like… riddled with them.. Is this a normal thing with the Connections theme? (anyone?) Either way it is very poor xhtml… unless it is related, somehow, to something you are doing (either deliberately or unknowingly). Do you have any plugins turned on? How are you writing your entries? (any special editors?)

    What browser did you develop your theme in?

    It is best to use the basic defaults unless you really have a good handle on html and css.

    sorry if this sounds harsh, but the problem with the sidebar is that when you hacked up your theme, you placed the sidebar div inside your content div. that’s why the sidebar is showing under all of your posts, and not next to them.

    just a suggestion, but i would go back to square one and replace the theme with the original theme files. slowly makes changes to that theme and css to fit your tastes. don’t make a ton of changes all at once unless you are familiar with how the theme and css work together. it’s easier to see how one change affects the site as a whole and learn from that, rather than make a lot of changes and try to figure out a bunch of problems all at once.

    good luck!

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