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  • I want the sidebar menu to show up on all pages of my site. Right now it is only on the index. How do I go about making that happen?

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  • Apparently you have edited the index page improperly. Hard to say how to fix it since we don’t know what you have added/deleted/changed.

    Even when I first installed WordPress and looked at the comments for the very first entry it was not there. From my understanding, the index only controls the index and everything else is controld by the wp-whatever files. Am I wrong?

    Were you still trying to figure this out? By design, the Kubrick template removes the site navigation when you’re looking at a single post.

    Yes I am, btvillarin. I neglicted to mention I use the Kubrick template so good job on picking that up. Where and in which Kubrick file does it remove the navigation? Thanks a lot!

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    artitumis: I have never used the Kubrick code, but I downloaded it to find a solution for you. Try the following in Kubrick’s default index.php file:

    1. On line 117, change class="widecolumn" to class="narrowcolumn"
    2. Remove line 258:
      <? // Begin Sidebar Menu ?>
    3. Remove line 259:
      <?php /* If this is not a permalink page, show the menu */ if (!($withcomments) && (!$single)) { ?>
    4. Then hop down to line 342 and delete:
      <? } // End Sidebar Menu ?>

    Be sure to backup your index file in case I am wrong.

    That seems to almost do it. It makes the extra space for the menu, but doesn’t show the text.

    Are you sure that you removed lines 258, 259, and 342? I just uploaded Kubrick 1.2.5 and it worked perfectly when I did exactly what I told you to do.
    The reason the sidebar doesn’t show up on the permalink pages is because line 259 basically says “if the page is NOT displaying a single post, show this code for the sidebar.” If you ARE on a single (permalinked) page, it will NOT show the sidebar if you DO NOT remove that code.
    After you remove those PHP lines, you should have no problem at all.

    Well, I just commented them out uncase I wanted to use it again. This time I full out deleted it and it worked. Thank you so much for your help!

    Hi Fernando,
    this is great. I was looking for a solution for the same Problem.

    Thank you,

    Alternatively, I don’t want the sidebar on any of my pages. I’m using the Retrospective theme with links at the top, and I don’t want any of that busy-ness on the side. How do I get rid of it on all my pages?


    Then your post does NOT belong to this thread. Start your own with the proper question in the title. Or, better, ask the author of the theme.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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