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  • Ok, I’m in need of some major help. I have a test site where I’m trying to configure a subsection (basically a category page for ‘Articles’) with a sidebar, and in the sidebar, I happen to have space for a couple of news blurbs.

    Here’s a link:

    I noticed there was a problem when the list of news articles, which is normally pretty long, was truncated – equal to the number of news blurbs in the sidebar (these happen to be in the same category, for now).

    I added a posts-query to the beginning of the loop for the Articles page itself (category-3.php), which solved the issue of just three titles appearing, but now the “next page” and “previous page” entries don’t work. When you go to the next page, it’s the exact same bunch of articles, just the most recent ones… when really there are 24 total and before I started messing with the sidebar it would just load the next page like normal.

    NOW — I realize the fact that both loops are using the same category might be the problem. But is this really what’s causing the nav links to not work?

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