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  • Anyone have any ideas. The best I have been able to do is inspect the code in firebug. It doesn’t appear that firebug will help me locate the file that the dashboard link is in, and besides, I believe that I would have to go back and change it every time the plugin updates.

    Is is possible to eliminate a link using css? I have tried to contact the developer but so far no luck.

    There are no options for this link in the plugin settings. I really don’t know much about code so I’m pretty much searching around blindly at this point.

    Thanks for any help.

    Still looking for some assistance. My site is

    I have scrolled through the widgets files looking for the link, but I haven’t seen it in there anywhere. I am assuming that the link is not accessible through the editor???

    Wondered if you ever found an answer to this? Seems like it should be included in the admin portion of the dashboard as I can’t imagine wanting subscribers to every even know that there is an admin/dashboard behind the scenes…
    Found a few pieces of code that looked like they could help, but no love.

    I never really worked out a good solution. I am using WP Hide Dashboard by Kim Parsell, and it’s doing what it is supposed to, and redirecting any links to the dashboard to the users profile page, but it’s not exactly the solution I would like. I’m waiting for a programmer friend to help me out with this, but so far there is a dashboard link in my sidebar that i can’t get rid of with out also getting rid of login links.

    Kim Parsell


    WP Mom

    You don’t need to modify the Sidebar Login plugin – the capability to hide the Dashboard link in the sidebar is already built in.

    Go to the settings page for Sidebar Login, scroll down to the Logged In Links section, and read the configuration notes under the box:

    Tip: Add |true after a link to only show it to admin users or alternatively use a |user_capability and the link will only be shown to users with that capability (see Roles and Capabilities).

    If you only want an admin to see the Dashboard link, then your links would be:

    <a href="">Dashboard</a>|true
    <a href="">Profile</a>

    While you’re on the settings page, double-check the rest of the settings to ensure they are what you want them to be.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the help Kim – but I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean by “settings page for Sidebar Login”.
    If it’s in the WP dashboard >Sidebar Login Options – there is no option for modifying the dashboard link there.
    If it’s in one of the templates (admin.php?) – I’ve tried modifying that already to no avail.

    I can see the tip you are referring to on the admin.php file, but do not know what to do with this information – been a developer for awhile (not php though) – but can’t seem to make this change.

    I had the code exactly right on admin.php, but for some reason when I copied it from the email notification (not this post) it worked – not sure why, but it did.


    Does anyone know how to add a link to the sidebar login? I want a link to my membership page.

    This is what I currently have and it is not working:

    Dashboard | %admin_url%
    Profile | %admin_url%/profile.php
    Logout | %logout_url%
    Membership | %/membership-account/membership-levels%

    Tried various versions of the link but still nothing. Any suggestions would be awesome.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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