[Sidebar Login] Messy interface since plugin update (3 posts)

  1. john456
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have a big problem with the Sidebar Login plugin:

    For non-logged user, (since after login i have only a small log-out link which doesn't transform the loginbox size), there is a mess inside the sidebar (located in horizontally in the header, at the right of the logo).
    Input boxes overlap, username, pwd & rememberme labels mess around, and the auto height CSS setting set in my theme style.css makes that the bar box size increases, scrambling the whole page.

    I tried to modify the CSS settings of the theme style.css (width, height of various boxes), but i cannot find a correct configuration, provided i get very unpredictable results...

    Moreover, the plugin update is unlikely to have modified the theme style.css, isn't it ?!

    The whole problem appeared just after doing the automatic update from an older version - maybe 2.1.7, I can't remember exactly. Everything was fine before.

    Another change to note: the settings of Sidebar login were to be accessed in the Appearance admin category, while it is now in the plugin category.

    Help with be greatly appreciated !



  2. fwchapman
    Posted 4 years ago #

    John, does your problem with 2.3.2 look anything like this?


    I've been having problems with the new version, too. The whole page is scrambled after I login. I reported my problem here:



  3. john456
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Fred, yes it was this kind of problem, but I tried to install older versions & same problem. So i was redesigning manually the box, when a I tried restauring the plugin folder from a backup, & it was working again.
    Maybe as it is a customoized theme, it could only work with the version of the sidebar it has been built with...
    Strange anyway.

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