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  • This is probably the strangest thing I’ve seen thus far.

    The sidebar links – be they to other categories or pages on my site, or to outside sites, aren’t clickable in IE. However in FF, they work perfectly.

    All other links on the site, the header link, comments, post titles, etc – they work perfectly normal.

    I’ve already tried re-creating permalinks, and nothing changed.

    I’m totally stumped on this one…

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  • anyone care to give a shot at an answer for this one?


    no way to even guess what exactly – but it is happening during the first load. I managed to click one of the links BEFORE the page had completely loaded (the CSS), once all graphics were loaded – nothing.

    Could it be, that you are using transparent graphics and that these transparent graphics are positioned in the top layer (instead of the links)?

    I’m not sure I understand what you mean… the graphics are solid jpg’s – and are placed as backgrounds inside the box classes… does that answer the question? LOL

    It boggles the mind the things that IE can fudge up… I’ve never seen this before. 🙁

    Hi ladydelaluna,

    well, it definitely happens while the CSS is loading, without it, the links are clickable.

    now to only find out where in the css this happens… because in firefox, the links are clickable WITH the css. 🙁

    Have you checked IE Mac, Konqueror, Safari, Mozilla… … yet?


    LOL no – I have a PC with Firefox and IE on it. No clue how it’s working in other systems/browsers. Why, did you find something even more evil?

    (Not that big of a deal anyway, as I think I’ve had 2 mac visitors in the last 9 years… but it’d be nice to know.)


    try when it’s not too busy.

    Okay… but that only makes screenshots – as far as I’m aware, screenshots aren’t clickable anyway. And since I’m not all that concerned with anything but IE and FF (remember from the other thread, this site has less than 60% in IE, and the rest are FF), and I have both of those, and my clickable links problem only exists in IE (of the two) – I’m not sure how that’s going to help…

    alright – all the screenshots look identical, with exception to length for some reason. but there’s nothing borked from what i can tell.

    i still don’t see what that has to do with my link issue though… ???

    Hi ladydelaluna,

    I’d try erasing the CSS content completely, and then item by item putting it back. In a live testbed/sandbox of course. You should soon notice what causes the problem.

    There has to be a better way… that’s almost like re-writing the CSS from scratch at this point.

    I can’t believe that no one else has ever come across this… I know I haven’t, but someone has to have run into this somewhere.

    Hi ladydelaluna,

    have a look at this:


    i’ve learned that the original link not working in ie problem relates to using fixed positioning and as you recommended, the only workaround is to not use fixed positioning. so i’ve adapted your suggested stylesheet for the site, as a result learning more about using css for positioning. fixed the centering, decided to stick with a fixed with of 740 that centers liquidly.

    here’s the latest rub, regarding inherited property ordering:
    i wanted to make a subnav for some of the sections. tinkered a little with the css you had made for the nav, and was unsuccessful in working around what properties inherit and where exactly i can specify what properties. i would like the subnav to be indented — increasing the left-padding, and not be all uppercase via the property “capitalize.” in an experiment, i was able to indent the subnav, but not change the uppercase property. can you offer suggestions about that?”


    and at this

    thanks lhk – i’ll take a look at those…
    this whole thing makes no sense to me at all… 🙁

    I tested them in ie7 on windows, and they are clickable. There are other things wrong in ie7 though. Your header and google ad links are covered over by the leaf graphic at the top left.

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