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Sidebar jumps to the left as page scrolls down

  • Help! I just changed my theme from Twenty Eleven to Skirmish. My homepage looks fine upon loading, but as it scrolls down, the sidebar (on the right) jumps to the left and overlaps the text. This wasn’t a problem when I used Twenty Eleven. I’ve tried in vain to figure out a solution, can anyone help me please? Thanks in advance. My site is at http://mamahearmeroar.com/

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  • It looks like you have some javascript associated with the Skirmish theme that changes the position declaration for the secondary widget area back and forth from “static” to “fixed” when you scroll, and that makes the sidebar jump over there on your content.

    I disabled javascript and loaded your page and it prevented the sidebar from jumping on scrolling.

    A fix you can try is to change the code on about line 50 in your theme’s style.css that looks like this:

    #secondary {
        overflow: visible;

    so it looks like this:

    #secondary {
        overflow: visible;
        position: static !important;

    That seems to be a temporary fix; at least the sidebar doesn’t jump around, but there is still a bit of a hesitation on scrolling that I think is caused by the javascript that fires when you scroll.

    The best approach would be to fix the offending javascript, but I don’t see a theme-specific javascript file loading for my browser that has that code in it. It seems like it would be a javascript library associated with the Skirmish theme, but you might try disabling plugins that load their own javascript libraries one at a time with Skirmish as the default theme to see if you can identify where the javascript that’s changing the secondary position element on scroll.

    Ha! I think I found where it’s coming from. It looks like you have a plugin installed called Standard Widget Extensions. The code is minimized, but I searched for “fixed” and found a section in there where it changes the position of elements to “fixed.”

    I’d try disabling that plugin, clearing your cache if you’re running a caching plugin, and re-testing. I think that’s the source of the problem.

    Wow, that’s really helpful. Thank you so much for your effort!! I’m such a technie newbie and it takes me so long to figure out something basic. I’ll try your suggestions again with the Skirmish theme to see if it works.

    You’re welcome. You may find that using something like the Firebug extension for Firefox helps doing the detective work on such issues. You can find the CSS and javascript involved as well as tweak them to test things without actually changing files. It’s what I used to figure it out.

    Thanks! The Firebug extension sounds like a great tool.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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