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  • Hi, my Sidebar isn’t working.
    Archives says (0) and Tags is empty.
    It is confusing, I had my website hi-jacked a while ago, but I restored the database and the file server from a backup, so nothing should be changed.
    Anyhow, it’s all back up and running except for the sidebar and some weird comments?
    Anyhow, any help will be much appreciated.

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  • The website is:



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    Woops. I have a co-project with my main project, K-Designs. It is K-Designs that’s running WordPress.
    K-Rune is the partner project, sorry.
    The proper link is
    Sorry for any confusion.

    You have misplaced Analytics code. It needs to go before the </body> tag.

    There is no </body> tag though. Or, wait, what Analytics code?
    I placed a variable lookingish thingy, WordPress asked something like place this code “<?php wp_footer(); ?>” in your themes footer.php file before the <body> tag, but there’s no body tag in the theme.php file.
    That’s all code I’ve placed, and the message stopped after I placed the code there.
    What is this Analytics thing then?

    Visit your site and view your browser source code, and you will see a closing body tag (it is in your theme somewhere) and the Analytics code.

    It doesn’t matter what theme I use though. It happens no matter what theme I choose.
    And the analytics code isn’t something I’ve inserted, it is something 000webhost has inserted, it is on too and that isn’t powered by WordPress, it’s powered by Zikula.

    You can’t right click and press view source, you have to remember that the webpage is a compiled php script. If it was HTML or something like that, then OK, but as WordPress is PHP, it won’t work like that.
    Still haven’t gotten it to work, and I’d rather not reinstall.

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    You can’t right click and press view source

    You should try this before you say can’t – of course you can view source. It is HTML.

    You have errors, that should be corrected before trying to correct your problem.

    Your archive actually works if you click on it but it does show 0. The normal way to troubleshoot is to make sure your code validates, turn off all plugins, change to the default theme and see what happens. Then restore all changes one by one.

    And the analytics code isn’t something I’ve inserted, it is something 000webhost has inserted…

    Are you using free web hosting? If so, I would definitely not recommend it with WordPress. If you are using paid web hosting, then I would recommend finding a new web host that doesn’t insert code into your site.

    Oops. It was a plugin. It’s called phpbb_recent_topics
    Anyhow, it is gone now. And I can’t pay for hosting quite yet. I’m not allowed to work.
    Ooh! I just saw an edit button. Thanks everyone.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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