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    I installed 2.2 last week and I though everything went perfect. My sidebar widgets plug-in is apparently not compatible with my theme anymore, which is fine. But when I try to manually remove a google ad from left my sidebar, it’s not even there. Or when I try to add another to see the effect, nothing shows up. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am using silver lexus theme. Here’s my site Please let me know if you need more info.
    Thank you:)

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  • Try deleting the Sidebar widget plugin files.

    I deleted the sidbar widget plugin files. Unfortunately that didn’t work. It’s wierd because you can see all my adbrite ads and google ads in the proper order when you read the source for my right sidebar, but my left sidebar only shows code for everything EXCEPT my google ad. I think the problem is only with the left sidebar. I just want to delete that google ad and put an adbrite ad there. Hopefully this can be fixed.

    Did you hard code the Ad into the sidebar (ie: put it in sidebar.php) when you first setup your blog?

    I think for this ad I entered the code using the sidebar widget plugin. But if I deleted that plugin shouldn’t the ad have gone away?

    Wish I could answer that one, but I haven’t upgraded my other blog yet so I don’t know how it will handle the Widgets.

    I’m assuming (you know what they say about assuming…) that it will pull your widgets across though. If I’m wrong, someone please correct this ignorant fool 😉

    Well thanks for trying. Hopefully someone can help me out with this:(

    But if I deleted that plugin shouldn’t the ad have gone away?

    No, it shouldn’t. The reason MichaelH suggested deleting it: it is built-in in WP 2.2.

    okay, note taken. So if the plugin is deleted, then where does the code for the google ad exist that I want to erase? It has to be somewhere right?

    If editing the sidebar.php has no effect – I’d guess it is in one of the text widgets.

    Where would the text widgets be located? I deleted the widget plugin and it wouldn’t activate anyway with 2.2. But the google ad in my left column is not shown in sidebar.php. I just want to delete it and add something else. If you view the source in firefox you can see the adzone titled “Left Column Links”. I just don’t get it.

    Okay Found it in the widgets area of the theme in the admin panel. I feel dumb:)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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