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  • Hi everyone.

    I don’t normally post any issues I’m experiencing with WordPress or design, as I’m usually able to come here and figure out a solution by reading other people’s issues.

    However, I’m encountering an issue I just can’t solve. I’m hoping someone can help me.

    On my index page, everything looks the way I want. However, if you click on the post’s title and arrive at its permalink URL, the sidebar gets pushed down to the bottom of the page.

    I’m guessing that this issue is being caused by the comment field, but I’m not precisely sure where.

    I encorporated Sacred Night’s Admin Styling code and seem to have that working, but the trusty CSS Validator is now giving me a slew of errors I never had before and I’m thinking it has something to do with the new code. I’m trying to fix them, but I’m afraid of screwing up the comments.

    Entries that don’t even have comments filled are showing the same sidebar error.

    Remarkably, this error only seems to happen in Firefox. Safari and IE 7 seem to be displaying things properly.

    My site is here. And an example of the issue can be found directly by clicking here

    Thank you for any help you may provide.

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  • Hi

    I had a similar problem forcing the sidebar down in IE when one post was viewed on its own. The problem only existed when there were no comments, so I was able to find the bug in the template. It turned out that the comments-div wasn’t started correctly when the commentlist didn’t have to be displayed.

    Still needing assistance if anyone has an opportunity.

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