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  • I have a sidebar that I cannot remove on posts. The text when not contained goes behind it and makes a big mess. I found a workaround, but regardless of how I format the post the sidebar is inaccessible (scripts won’t work, and neither will highlighting/copying text).

    How do I go about fixing this?

    here is an example

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  • hi Chemtrails,

    add this CSS to your THEME SETTINGS -> CSS tab and all should be gone:

    div#container .row-fluid .span8, .row-fluid .span8 {
    width: 858px;

    which theme version do you use by the way?

    hi milogus, please no bumping like this, i am going through topics in the order from bottom to top always 😉

    I dropped that into the CSS to no avail.

    and I am using vers 1.16

    hi chemtrails,

    okay, try this one here then, its stronger:

    div#container .row-fluid #content.span8 {
    width: 858px !important;



    Go to THEME SETTINGS -> CSS tab, drop it there then save the theme settings.

    hope that helps! 😉 konrad

    It seems to have no effect. if you highlight the text, you can see the width of the container. Is there a way I could bring the sidebar to the forefront of the page? or put the main post container behind it?
    And I have done this in the Theme Settings -> CSS tab.

    does the full version of Custom Community support post templates in the same way that it does for page templates?

    Hi Chemtrails, i don’t understand why the style doesn’t work for you.

    Try adding this also:

    div#content {
    width: 858px !important;

    let me know if that helps. and please leave the styles there.

    it must help. its weird that i cannot see the style you added on your frontend.
    did you save the theme settings??

    really really weird.

    It worked!
    I rearranged some of the CSS I had before it and put your codes first and I got it to work. I should probably make sure my other CSS code is closed off properly now.

    Thank you very much for your help. You’re the man konrad :j

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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