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  • As many people before me have stated, my site looks fine in Firefox but the sidebar only shows up at the very bottom of the page after the posts. If I decrease the text size in IE the sidebar moves to the proper location. I can then increase the size back to medium and it stays in the proper location. Any help would be nice. Site is located at:


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  • Looks like you got it fixed…

    Big images will do that, also, some content within posts…

    Write back if you still need help…

    Actually, no. It’s still not displaying properly on my version of IE. I’m using IE 6.0. I’ve tried clearing the cache and that didn’t work either.

    Can someone else check it out using IE and let me know how it looks?

    no good on ie or aol 🙁

    Thanks for looking splosh. Now, can anyone tell me why this is happening?

    OK, I cleared my cache on IE 6 and deleted all offline content. I reloaded my blog and it loaded fine. I hit the refresh button and the sidebar went to the bottom of the page again. So, if the page downloads (is not in the cache) it comes up fine. If it is cached it screws up. Any ideas?

    Can you try removing the Skype button from the sidebar and then trying to see if that works?

    Skype button has been removed. Problem still there.

    I remember this happened to me and it was just unclosed <p > or <br > Tags

    Please try correcting validation errors, this helps in finding out the exact problem.

    From the looks of it, you have a bunch of unclosed tags, like splosh mentioned ..

    Maybe you want to try taking these errors out and then we can move forward better ..

    I am inclined to think its one of the inserted scripts..

    I got rid of all of the excess junk in my sidebar and left only the WP stuff such as categories, links, etc… and the problem was fixed. After that I started putting the extra stuff back in, one at a time. Two of the extras caused problems. The Skype button as mentioned above, and the hit counter I was using, provided by statcounter. Now that those two are gone the page seems to load properly in IE & Firefox.

    I validated the code as suggested and started off with 80something errors. After deleting the Skype button and the Statcounter script I’m down to 37 errors.

    Thanks for the suggestions & help!

    PJ Brunet


    These new standards nazis are saying that 90% of internet content is suddenly invalid.

    For example: <br> and never needed to be closed for 8 years at least. What a nightmare.

    Hi, I’m having the same problem for my blog in IE the sidebar is screwed. Check:
    It’s completely standard I only changed the header image. That shouldn’t be the problem :/

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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