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    Hi, My website is configured for use SSL then iframe for a sidebar https://www.vcita.com/widgets/sidebar/9dvpf4g0tcmupeua?ver=2 but it´s blocking my certificated with a script that it´s inside. (mixed content). Please help me.
    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    try {
    var ref = “”;
    if (ref == “”) {
    ref = document.referrer;
    if (ref == “”) {
    ref = “missing”;
    var img = document.createElement(‘img’);
    img.setAttribute(‘src’, “http://www.vcita.com/tr_pics/i?o=d2lkZ2V0&p=1121049&r=&#8221; + encodeURIComponent(ref));
    document.body.insertBefore(img, document.body.childNodes[0]);
    } catch (e) {}


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    Hi there,
    Thank you for reaching out.
    We would like to help you, but for that we need more information and to see how you integrated vCita with wordpress.
    Can you please reach out to us by using the “contact us” link you have in your vCita dashboard so we may assist further?
    If you cannot find the link it also available on our website through this link:

    Thank you,

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