• Hello Community,

    I’m extremely new in php and I hope i can find some help here.
    My Question:
    I got the request of a Qustomer, to build his old website (backst├╝bli.ch) in WordPress. Well it wouldn’t be that complicated, if the creator had made the whole website a bit better for me ^^. At the moment im strugling with the sidebar. As said above, the website is backst├╝bli.ch and I want to build the whole sidebar as it is there in WordPress. The qustomer wants the website like the old one so I have to make the whole site from scrap.
    I hope someone could help.

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  • i am having similar issues with mine after i updated my woocommerce and run some updates.. my product categories went missing. i want a short code to fix it for me…

    if there is any short code to fix it please share it with me..

    my left sidebar does not show any widget i add to it.

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    @ewsngr, please create your own thread. You really don’t have a similar issue, nor should you post for help in other people’s threads if you do.

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