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    I’m setting up a WP2 blog. Great system! So far I have only encountered 1 small issue that bothers me:

    I want my sidebar to be just as heigh as my content area! Look here:

    The sidebar stops in the middle of the page! I want it to go all the way down to the footer.. Like it would have done if it had been 2 <td>’s sitting next to eachother in a <tr>..

    Any suggestions?

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  • Oh.. I think I have an idea.. The trick must be to color the entire page gray and then just give the content-area a white background..

    Too tired for that now.. But will give it a try in the morning 🙂

    The most elegant way of handling this is to have a background image similar to how Kubrick — the WordPress default does it. Kubrick’s background image uses repeat-y to create an illusion that the sidebar is the same length as the post area. See the background image here.

    Here’s a workaround! Set the height of your sidebar to a fixed length like 1500px. Unfortunately, your post section will vary in height based on the length of your articles. So this doesn’t really solve your problem.

    Another thing you can do is to change the sidebar’s background color to #ffffff or white. Eliminates the length issue.

    Hope that helps.


    Or ya could just modify the imagery a little bit, like this quick example I done up here.

    But what ulyssesr could work to, there is a couple of ways to do it, but I’m *NOT* getting into all this experimenting around tonight lol!


    Also, please note the post on that page, me and Octa spent *a* number of hours yesterday trying to get it looking the same in IE and FF as best as we could lol!! I just combined all them fixes in the one post there on the Test101 blog. =)

    Ulysses & Spencer!

    Thank you both for your replies! I gotta go get me some breakfast but then I’ll hurry home and try out your suggestions! Cool!

    Guys.. That was a looong breakfast, I’m sorry.. Anyways.. I fixed my problem by using a background-image as you suggested.. Not the best solution in my opinion, but it works 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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