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  • Ive added some header graphics to my sidebar but I want to realign the graphics so there in line with the text links.

    Check the site :

    Could anyone give me advice CSS newbie.One more quicky I want to hide the text in my header ,which says Alexanders videos any pointers.

    Thanks alot,would appreciate the feedback.


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  • Firstly, to remove the text in your header, simply remove the PHP the header.php file that displays your site description & name.

    Secondly, what kind of advice are you looking for?

    Thirdly, don’t wear newbie as a badge, just buck up and get ready to learn. Google is your friend, plenty of tutorials you can read.

    A personal favorite site you can visit

    When I say advice,help with my initial question of how to move the graphics in the sidebar to align with the text links.

    Thanks for the answer to Question 2 and the URL.

    “One more quicky I want to hide the text in my header”

    Rather than removing the php call which will negatively affect Search Engine spiders and screen readers, add the following to the end of your style.css file:
    .headerimg h1, .headerimg .description{

    Cool,thanks appreciate it.

    Re pics.
    First I’d check whether the pictures have a white portion on the left between the graphic and their real edge. If yes, cut as much as possible.
    Then I also noticed the images are wrapped in a li and h2 tag. I’d check those properties in the stylesheet (margin? padding? etc.)

    moshu yeah I have a drop shadow applied I could change the angle.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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