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  • I tried with my iPhone to visit my test-blog with Twenty Eleven theme but I noticed the sidebar is gone on the frontpage, how can I enable it?

    Edit: Eh never mind, the sidebar is broken and ends up way below.

    Is it supposed to be like that?

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    I believe it is by design, so that the theme can double as a mobile theme as well.

    See the WordPress 3.2 video at and watch out around 1 min 30 seconds onwards, and you will notice the sidebar is missing for the mobile phone.

    It’s a bummer. I think twentyten looked much nicer on my iPhone than twentyeleven does. The navigation bar takes up nearly the entire screen (and acts more like a navigation block). The search bar covers my header image nearly completely, and it loads “zoomed out” on the iPhone, so the writing isn’t utilizing the full screen, and an empty pho-sidebar is exposed on the right side of the screen:



    Not looking good on an iPad either – the menu wraps around onto 2 lines

    Well the searchbox doesn’t look at all like it does in the video. It’s huge on the iPhone.


    I seem to be having the same issue on iPhone as Sam does. (

    Strange thing is that untill a couple of days it looked good on iPhone. my other site ( still does. All of a sudden turned all to the left side on iphone.

    So it must have been something I did. I reinstalled original twenty eleven theme, but still view is terrible on iphone

    anyone any idea how i can fix this?


    For me, the sidebar jumps down to the bottom when the window is very narrow. This seems like a smart idea, but it is not good for the iphone… I think people would rather scroll right a bit to see it.

    Any help disabling the “sidebar jumps to bottom” “feature”?



    a partly solution to be added to the end of style.css of the child theme:

    /* =Responsive Structure
    ----------------------------------------------- */
    @media (max-width: 800px) {
    	/* keep the sidebar - this edit is for right sidebar only */
             #page {
    	   min-width: 500px;
    	.right-sidebar #main #content {
    		margin: 0 29% 0 1%;
    		width: 70%;
    	.right-sidebar #main #secondary {
    		float: right;
    		margin: 0 2% 0 0%;
    		width: 24%;

    (limits the width to a minimum width; only for theme options layout: ‘content on left’; only tested with resizing the browser window – not tested with any small devices)


    Thank you! The point is that I didn’t know you could do it with css so I was looking in functions for some kind of crazy javascript to kill. But it was in the style all along.

    Your peace of CSS is awesome I’m so glad it works for the iPad.
    Thanks a million!

    hi I have an issue on my site I would be very grateful for any advice:

    when viewed on an ipad the main horizontal navigation is too wide and appears over two lines – the problem is it is hard to see the links on the second line as they are white. Is there anyway other than changing the link colours to fix this? Ideally I would like the black background of the menu bar to expand to the second line.


    ps the code above to show the sidebar is fab,ty

    its caused by the edit you made to the style of #acccess:

    #access {
    	background: #222; /* Show a solid color for older browsers */
    	margin: 0 auto 6px;
    	width: 100%;

    change to min-height:60px;


    thank-you very much – I thought it was going to much more complex 🙂
    i still have a lot to learn.

    have a great day

    Thanks for the sidebar/iPad fix, alchymyth. It’s perfect.

    Just revised my blog and started a child theme. The code in the child style sheet isn’t working. Back to no sidebar in iPad. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks very much.

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