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  • sar420


    Hi, I just activated the “LightBreaker” theme and made some changes to suit my blog.

    And then somehow, I dont know because of what change..the sidebar which is supposed to be on the right has gone down below the content in the middle. It appears alright when you open a single post or page though..

    Can someone help?

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  • sar420


    Sorry, forgot to mention my blog url –




    It can be that the total width of the sidebar and the content not equal to the width you gave to the wrapper?


    (@sar420) idea bout that. I didn’t make any serious changes in the coding..Just placed ad banners in the spots that were already there to be filled up



    I wish i could help, the exact same problem just happened to me! I changed back to my orginal theme and the problem still presists and it was fine until I tryed the new theme.




    There is something wrong with the coding in your theme. The first post is coded correctly, except the next post starts before the end-of-DIV on the first post, and the third post starts before the end-of-div on your second post, and the sidebar is contained within the code for your last post, since it starts before the end-of-DIV for your last post.

    There is at least one </div> tag in your theme that is in the wrong place. I ran your homepage through the page validator
    and there are 73 errors. Some of them are these div’s. If you work on cleaning up the errors shown on the validator page you will eventually find the error source. And that will solve your sidebar problem also.

    Good luck

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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