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    I wish someone could help me here… Look at this page:

    Why does the sidebar go down in this page? In other pages, everything is smooth. I cant figue out the reason… Can somebody help me?


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  • 2 possible reasons

    you have one or more posts composed with a rich text editor like word or office – always use a basic notepad type editor

    you have quite a few errors


    I edited most of the errors, the remaining 6 make no sense.

    And Im not sure its the texts that are bad, because all the posts in page 3 are under category KOMENTARAI. If you click on that category, you will see that all the posts are displayed without any errors, no sidebars are going down in any page of that category.

    It is a strange and very hard issue. I dont know what to do…

    Another cause could be a long article title or one with a long word in it, depending on how your theme is designed.

    A common cause is a wider graphic image than the width of the body. But you don’t seem to have such images.

    Sidebar drop may be caused by:

    • Unclosed div tags and other code errors
    • Too wide content (images, videos, tables, etc.)
    • CSS editing mistakes
    • A badly designed theme

    You have an unclosed div tag and other code errors.

    OK, right now there is no code error (i fixed the code). And the sidebar is still dropped. There is no images. Exactly in that page the sidebar is going down…

    There is no reason whyit should….


    In one of the posts, in HTML code, for absolutely no cause there was a line before the whole text:

    <div class="posts-content">


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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