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  • twilightsun


    My sidebar is forced to the bottom of my single posts, though it appears properly on my index page. It used to be an issue on my index page, but I was able to fix it by tweaking my style.css file with a little assistance. I don’t know if this has been a problem all along that I didn’t notice until now, or if it happened when I tried installing 2.3.2 and had to restore to my backup of 2.3.1.

    My sidebar appears as it should on my index page:
    Sidebar is not where it should be on this single post:

    Can anyone take a look at my CSS and let me know if the problem lies here or elsewhere? The text of style.css is as follows:

    [Large amount of code moderated. Use for large amounts of code]

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    The margin for the correct one is 11.5em while the margin for the incorrect one is 20em. I think that is the problem.



    Yup. Its the margin that is causing the problem. Make sure the margins and dimensions are same for Single post content and Index page content.

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