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    for some reason my blog page (or category page) shows left sidebar at the top of the page (container) while right sidebar shows at the bottom of the page (container). In general I made only few changes to theme files like header.php. Could you please tell me how to fix this, perhaps which file is damaged.

    Thank you in advance!

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    If you could please provide a link, I can take a quick look. But also make sure that your widget is in the right location as well. Also, if you made changes to the header.php file, I would recommend checking your changes to make sure you did not leave something out like a missing closing tag, or missing a quote, or something. One little thing can cause wacky layouts that are broken.

    As a side note, for any theme file modifications, it’s best to use a child theme (not sure if you are using one or not?). Celestial Lite does offer one to install, located in a folder among the theme files named as “child-theme”.

    here is a link to blog page
    Widget search is in position – blog right sidebar. However it appeares at the bottom of the page for some reason.
    Right sidebar for pages works fine.
    I double checked the file I changed (only header.php as I remember), could not find any left over.
    Thanks in advance for your support!

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    Ok, that’s odd. There’s an offset class added to the sidebar in my code. I’m thinking I might have done a test long ago and forgot to remove that when I uploaded the last version of Celestial Lite.

    This means I will need to do an update. However, so you don’t have to wait, open the theme’s sidebar.php file and look for this:

    <div id="secondary" class="widget-area span3 offset1" role="complementary">

    Remove the offset1 part. This will be in the next update.

    Thanks. Interesting that it helped for the category page ( But the problem remained for blog page (

    The code in my sidebar.php is like this
    <?php if ( is_active_sidebar( ‘sidebar-7’ ) ) : ?>
    <div id=”secondary” class=”widget-area span3″ role=”complementary”>
    <div id=”st-right” class=”st-sidebar-list”>
    <?php dynamic_sidebar( ‘sidebar-7’ ); ?>
    </div><!– #secondary –>
    <?php endif; ?>

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    Sorry… forgot one other file with that offset1…category.php

    didn’t find offset1 in category.php file (

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    Actually… I know what I did. I added the offset1 to put more space between the columns but I did not change the span8 class to span7.

    This was going to be a change I was going to do with an update now that I remember because I had complaints there was too much space, so there are other files to remove this offset1


    Now the thing is…this will be reflected on the next update so it’s ok to edit the core theme files.

    I found this offset1 only in index.php but in two different lines. Removed it. Now everything work well. Thanks again for you support!

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    Awesome… thanks for the follow up, but most importantly, that it’s working for you now.

    Well, I´m not able to use right sidebar at post page, and I don´t know exactly why…

    *So I don´t know if this is a question or a bug report, but here is what I´ve done:

    As use default single post format did not work, I copied single.php to child theme and placed <?php get_sidebar(); ?> above this line: <section id="primary" class="site-content span8">

    So I commented <?php get_sidebar(); ?> below this line: </section><!-- #primary -->

    Then I used floated css to locate it at right side:
    #st-content-wrapper #secondary { float: right; }

    (at first, it was located at left side, when I changed get_sidebar(); code.

    I don´t know if I made some mistake in order to not being able to use right sidebar at post. I´m using child theme.

    But I´ve noteced that <div id="secondary" class="widget-area span4" role="complementary"> (at single.php) was not located at right side because div #primary was evolved with a .row class.

    Theme version: 2.0.7

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    Hi Igweb… the moderators will ask you post your post as a new topic because this one is already set to “Resolved”. If you post it again as a new one, I will be happy to help you out.

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