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    Technological novice seeking help! I’ve had my WordPress blog as a part of my own website for over a year and just in the past two weeks I noticed something new happened all on its own – my sidebar containing a search window, archives, recent posts, links and a Facebook box (used the Text widget) have all disappeared on their own! One day there, the next day gone. Also missing on the main page of my blog is the white BG that is supposed to go behind all my posts, and the footer. I’m only using the basic Kubrick template, and all has worked fine until now.

    I know that my images for the white BG and the turquoise footer are still there because when you click on a single blog post, you can see them: But on the main blog page they are gone:

    When I go into the WordPress user controls, I can see that I’m still set up with my sidebar. I don’t understand the technical coding, so am unable to tell you if that looks fishy or not.

    Is this a bug of the latest release? Can I restore it? Many thanks to any of you whizzes out there who understand these things and can help!

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  • A friend of mine who understands web coding better than I took a look at my source code and wrote the following:

    “I’ve put in my dev tools now, and comparing the front page to the single-post pages, I can see that yeah, for some reason the DIVs that should be there for navigation, Facebook etc. are missing. Something’s going wrong with your WordPress, I’m guessing – it’s not writing the complete HTML/CSS code that it should be.”

    He’s not up on the coding for WordPress and can’t help any further, but maybe that additional information may help one of you who does understand the workings of WordPress. Thanks!



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    Try downloading a fresh copy of Kubrick.

    Thanks esmi. Was able to have someone look at my code, and it turns out that there was some extraneous code that had gotten in there causing my troubles. Whether automatic or placed there maliciously by a hack, I don’t know. But the issue is now resolved.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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