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    Hi. Somehow the font on my right sidebar is now larger than the font size on my left sidebar. How can I decrease the font to the original size? Thanks.

    I tried looking at the sidebar.php file and the stylesheet file…but I don’t know what to add/change.

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  • If you will not provide the link to your site, no one could help
    Anyhow, it is most probably not in your sidebar.php but in your css file .

    I’d look at any code you added/changed in the sidebar.php that may have changed the HTML tags. You can also try running the XHTML and CSS validators (your theme may have links to those) which may help find errors that have been introduced.

    If you cant figure it out, please do post a link to your site so that someone else can see what you’re seeing and help track down the problem.

    Here you go….. (thanks)

    In your CSS file, there are some lines:

    #sidebar ul li {
    	font-size: 1.1em;

    Change the 1.1em to change the size of the text on the right sidebar. [If you recently added those lists you may have changed things so that this rule is the one that takes precedence.]

    In your left sidebar (at this point anyway) you’ve got explicit font tags to set the size. If you changed your table in that sidebar to a list you could use the CSS rule above to apply to that sidebar too, and have an easier time keeping things consistent.

    CSS can be your friend — but it takes awhile to figure it all out.

    The validators at and can sometimes help figure out where things are going wrong. But the primary tool I used to look at your site was the Firefox Web Developer extension that offers tools to view and edit CSS markup.

    Thank you. I changed 1.1em to 1.0em in the CSS file and now the font is back to normal. I appreciate your help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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