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  1. aprilbright
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello- I am using twenty eleven and want the sidebar font color to be black it is currently a brown hue. please help
    BTW- I am a gardener not a programer so please try to keep it simple as I am used to digging in dirt not code.
    Thank you in advance for your time and support,


  2. I don't quite understand how your theme has been set up. Did someone do this for you? It looks like there are extra styles that have been added to your header.php template.

    Normally when working with twenty eleven and twenty ten, you're supposed to make a child theme.

    Anyway, if I'm right and somehow extra styles was added to the header, you want to look for this:

    		/* Link color */
    		#site-title a:focus,
    		#site-title a:hover,
    		#site-title a:active,
    		.entry-title a:hover,
    		.entry-title a:focus,
    		.entry-title a:active,
    		.widget_twentyeleven_ephemera .comments-link a:hover,
    		section.recent-posts .other-recent-posts a[rel="bookmark"]:hover,
    		section.recent-posts .other-recent-posts .comments-link a:hover,
    		.format-image footer.entry-meta a:hover,
    		#site-generator a:hover {
    			color: #e0bd29;
    		section.recent-posts .other-recent-posts .comments-link a:hover {
    			border-color: #e0bd29;
    		article.feature-image.small .entry-summary p a:hover,
    		.entry-header .comments-link a:hover,
    		.entry-header .comments-link a:focus,
    		.entry-header .comments-link a:active,
    		.feature-slider a.active {
    			background-color: #e0bd29;

    Change that colour - e0bd29 to #000000

  3. aprilbright
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thank you- I will have my friend look at it, he did not do the page the first time but he seems to know more than I. Thank you for the starting point. thank you again. april

  4. Gary Darling
    Posted 4 years ago #

    You can change those link colors in the Appearance > Theme Options tab of Twenty Eleven

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