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  • Hi,

    My sidebar is falling below the page content as show here:

    Is there a way, with hooks or whatever, that I can make my left sidebar appear in the correct position – at the top of the page?

    My page.php file is as follows:

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    		// Check and get Sidebar Class
    		$sidebar = ‘right-sidebar’; // left-sidebar, both-sidebar or no-sidebar
    		$sidebar_array = gdl_get_sidebar_size( $sidebar );
    	<div class="page-wrapper single-page <?php echo $sidebar_array['sidebar_class']; ?>">
    			$left_sidebar = ‘Shop’;
    			// Top Slider Part
    			global $gdl_top_slider_type, $gdl_top_slider_xml;
    			if ($gdl_top_slider_type != "No Slider" && $gdl_top_slider_type != ''){
    				echo '<div class="row gdl-top-slider">';
    				echo '<div class="twelve columns mb0">';
    				$slider_xml = "<Slider>" . create_xml_tag('size', 'full-width');
    				$slider_xml = $slider_xml . create_xml_tag('height', get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'page-option-top-slider-height', true) );
    				$slider_xml = $slider_xml . create_xml_tag('width', 940);
    				$slider_xml = $slider_xml . create_xml_tag('slider-type', $gdl_top_slider_type);
    				$slider_xml = $slider_xml . $gdl_top_slider_xml;
    				$slider_xml = $slider_xml . "</Slider>";
    				$slider_xml_dom = new DOMDocument();
    				echo '</div>';
    				echo '<div class="clear"></div>';
    				echo '</div>';
    			echo '<div class="row">';
    			echo '<div class="gdl-page-left mb0 ' . $sidebar_array['page_left_class'] . '">';
    			echo '<div class="row">';
    			echo '<div class="gdl-page-item mb20 ' . $sidebar_array['page_item_class'] . '">';
    			// page content
    			global $gdl_item_row_size;

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  • It will be more useful to have a live link to your shop-pages or maybe define the theme you are using!

    The layout is simply a CSS issue. If it is placed in the php file correctly, and called into the page in the desired order;
    then it is all about “styling” the layout in the CSS file.


    Thanks. I have now resolved this. I changed its size in CSS as it was too wide

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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