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  • 1.) Brand new to WordPress. Just got the site up and running. (Finally!). I am using Semiologic CMS (for SEO reasons) and I want to change the colors. How do I do this?

    2.) I am using the three column Semiologic layout. How do I specify the width of all three columns? I want adsense ads in the far left column, text in the middle column, and the navigation in the far right column. Right now, the text is in the far left column, with the middle column blank. How do I specify that I want text in the middle column?

    3.)What does “sidebar-ext” control? I know what “Sidebar.php” controls, but what about sidebar-ext?

    I am not a programmer, and I feel like I’m going crazy sitting in front of my computer (for hours on end) trying to make changes to this site. I have no idea what I’m doing and I feel like I’m about to start pulling my hair out!!!!

    Isn’t there some sort of WYSIWIG editor for changing colors and the width of columns for WordPress? It can’t be this difficult.

    P.S. I tried using the “Search” feature on the Support Forums, and I got a “404 File Not Found” error. Any idea why the search feature is not working?

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  • re: p.s. – there was a server move recently and the search feature didn’t recover yet 🙂

    As for the rest of the questions: only Dennis or somebody using the same theme will be able to answer your questions.

    And, no, there isn’t any “wysiwyg” kinda stuff for editing WP files (thanks God!)

    1. Admin > Options > Skin

    2. move the call to the_sidebar(); from footer.php to header.php where relevant. But note that SEO-wise, this is not a good idea.

    3. sidebar-ext.php is the same as sidebar.php, for the external sidebar.

    4. if I may, you really can’t get much simpler than this theme when it comes to changing things: just activate the relevant plugins and you’re set.

    pro package customers have access to a FAQ on how to customize the theme, as well as to all of the plugins at once.

    WYSIWIG editor for changing the skin and for moving sidebar elements around is a planned feature for the Semiologic Pro theme. My guess is this will be available within 3 months.

    And if I may highlight a customer testimonial: ‘The support you get is worth the price of the scripts alone’.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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