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    hi guys,

    i have a problem with my sidebar: i want the top of it to be level with the top of the header. therefore i float the header to the left. this works with firefox and safari, but not with internet explorer. google told me there was a float-bug in older ie versions, but my problem is also true for ie7.

    the adress of my page is

    i tried to isolate the problem to this page:, the pobably relevant css code is displayed on that page.
    the address of the css testfile: i tried to strip it of the irrelevant sutff but it’s still quite big. the important code should be in the section in between the structure-quotes, line 65 to 83.

    i am using wordpress 2.7. as a cms. the stylesheet is based on the “minimalism” theme by christian genaehr
    my knowledge of css, especially concerning ie-bugs, is limited, please forgive my probably messy code.

    if it’s not supposed to work with float, maybe there is another way to have the sidebar move up? help will be greatly appreciated!


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  • Hi

    The first thing I would try is to assign the narrowcolumn class to your header. In the header.php file, change this

    <div id="header">
    to this
    <div id="header" class="narrowcolumn">

    The problem is your header is 100% of the width, so the sidebar is appearing below the header. The content area width on the left is limited by the narrowcolumn class, so try assigning it to the header

    hi stvwlf

    thank you! i tried it, but it doesn’t help. i believed my boxes left enough space for the sidebar – at least that’s what the borders i made around them made me think. don’t the borders represent the limits of the boxes?

    the width of the header should be 350px (smallcollumn class is 450px), the margin of the sidebar is 650px, so there ought to be 200px space in between header and sidebar. the width of the sidebar is 190px and the surrounding page is 650 + 190 = 840px. maybe this is not enough? but if i make the page wider, the content shifts up in between header and sidebar, so that’s no option.

    i might add that i browsed this forum and the faq for related threads (there are many), but couldn’t find one that fits my case. neither do i paste from word nor have i used “more” tags.


    Now I see something I didn’t see before

    The CSS for your header is this (line 25)

    #header {
       background:transparent url( 1.0.2/images/header-img.php?upper=F7F7F7&lower=FFFFFF) no-repeat scroll center bottom;

    This is calling a PHP file named header-img.php. Something is going on in that file that is causing this issue.


    thanks for pointing this out, but i am at a loss right now. i can’t see where this is invoked (i removed any code related to a header image from the .php files and from the stylesheet). my firebug also doesn’t show me anything alike. can you tell me how you found that?

    for testers i removed the file header-img.php but it doesn’t seem to change a thing.

    thanks again…


    if you do a View Source on your homepage, you will see around lines 25/26 the CSS you couldn’t find in your stylesheet. It is not in your stylesheet, it is in your header file. It is commented out, using HTML comment characters. However the comment characters for CSS are /* and */ so even though it appears to be commented out it is actually being executed. You probably want to remove those lines altogether

    Firefox is much better about ignoring things like that than IE is.

    I am not sure wether i can resolve this thread, but I found some useful information on urban giraffe. until now i had index.php invoke the sidebar after the content, moving it above the content helps, moving it above the header even helps more. internet explorer still shows it too far below, but not so far as it used to.

    i will mark this thread as resolved, but not because i found out what caused all the trouble. eventually i decided to make my own theme (following the advice at urban giraffe, which is outdated for it’s browser forks but otherwise very good info).
    i have to say, making your own theme saves an awful lot of time. it’s much easyer than trying to rearrange existing stylesheets that are mostly far too complex (my own stylesheet has not even a third of the length of the one i used to work with (“minimalism 1.0.2“).

    good luck and thanks for the help!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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