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    failed validation with 17 errors. you should maybe fix those first and then ask for help if it’s still broken.

    I have the same problem, I found that the categories and shopping cart widgets cause a problem with my sidebar in IE, that cause the sidebar to display below the page entries….but only in IE.

    I have tried adjusting the width of my theme settings in style.css but that hasnt solved the problem

    I did the validator test, I got 24 errors, so do I have to go into the html of each of those errors and make changes?


    overlander: usually the problems in IE are related to contents being wider than their containers — which *may* be your problem.

    But yes, you should go into your php files and try to sort out the validation problems. Often you’ll find that one error is causing all the rest, so it’s often not that bad.

    Hello Haecceity,

    Which PHP files do you go into if the problem persist on every theme you try, even the kubrick defaulted one?

    I’ve got my validation problems down from 17 to 8. Thanks for your help ahead of time.

    You shouldn’t put a 190px wide pic in a 160px wide sidebar! Ever.

    And it was posted above:

    usually the problems in IE are related to contents being wider than their containers — which *may* be your problem.

    If you do have a 190px image in your sidebar then this would affect any theme you use. Resizing the image would sort out that problem if you allow for the padding inside the sidebar and and margins/padding around the image — in other words the picture would have to be somewhat less than 160px or whatever width the sidebar is.

    float-left; always the same:d

    thanks guys, do i make size readjustments in the style.css?




    no, you resize the image using an image editor on your own computer – then you upload the new image.

    If you don’t have an image editor you can put height=”x” and width=”y” within the <img src="whatever" alt="something" /> tag, thusly:

    <img src="whatever.jpg" alt="something" height="x" and width="y"/>

    Obviously chose values for x and y that are proportional to the original. It isn’t generally a great idea to resize images this way because they’ll load than if they were the proper size to begin with, but that’s not too important with such a minor resizing task.





    what you suggested does not produce consistent results across all browsers.
    Resizing the image the proper way is the recommended solution.

    Free image editors are a plenty. Shit, you can even do it online:

    i have no image? the category and shopping cart seem to cause the probelm with my site in IE


    Is there a plugin that will automatically resize a photo if its width is bigger than the post width?

    I mean, in free wordpress accounts (for example mine,, images that are wider than the sidebar or main post area are automatically resized or wrapped..

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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