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  • Originally, my sidebar was getting cut off on my main page once the content got longer than it. After doing some research, I added a float: left tag to my #content and it fixed the problem.

    However, on my Archive pages, the sidebar still gets cutoff and won’t show all of my links and the background gets cutoff as well.

    my site can be found at and the style sheet is

    I’ve tried going into archive.php and archives.php and messing around, but I still haven’t had any luck.

    Thanks in advance for any help..this is driving me insane!

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  • thanks for the help moshu but this doesn’t fix my problem. It’s not just a cosmetic issue that the column wont extend to whatever the length of the page is. A bunch of my links also don’t show up, even though the get_sidebar php function is in the code for archive.php and archives.php

    OK, that’s another issue with all the sidebars derivated from the Default theme (Kubrick). Open the sidebar.php and you’ll see a bunch of if statements, i.e. if page –> do this, if archive –> do that etc.
    Edit, delete etc.

    Do you know of any tutorial or anything that addresses this or how to edit that part? I don’t know how to deal with if statements and whatnot. I just want the links that are in my sidebar on the homepage to show up on every page and for the sidebar to extend down to the bottom. I’m afraid to mess with the if statements without knowing what I’m doing. The last thing I need is a bigger mess than I’m already in 🙂

    Hi Moshu,

    I encounter the same problem, the sidebar displays well in Index page, but for rest of all pages, the side cuts of at middle, making the remaning elements go blank.

    Is there a fix for this ? And when I call the sidebar in archive page, it displays down after the post. When I call it below header, it displays a different post than what URL calls for, this is really weired, but I think you will have a perfect fix for this solution.

    – Dreamchaser

    I don’t see anything going “blank” – viewed in FF.
    The only thing I noticed the Blogroll is displayed only on the homepage and you can find the fix in my posts above.

    Ok I found a fix for this,

    I had to remove

    <?php if ( is_home() || is_page() ) { ?>

    from my sidebar.php and also not leaving the ending statement

    <?php } ?>

    Which is found below the bottom line, thanks for pointing to those links and your suggestion, they helped me a lot by understanding 🙂

    You keep bringing smile and more knowledge to my mind, thanks Moshu ;)!

    – Dreamchaser

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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