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  • Hi!

    I encountered a weird problem with my sidebar. I am using the k2 theme with the standard WP widget sidebar.
    I tried to add a little space under the sidebar title (h2). It seems like a CSS issue. I tried to add “margin-bottom” to all styles attached to the titles; without luck.

    If you wanna take a look at my site.

    This does not happen with other themes. I don’t know where to find the file that contains the code for the widgets. It’s not inside my theme’s sidebar because all entities are widget modules and I deleted all k2 code except

    <?php /* Widgets/SBM Check */ if ( !(function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') and get_option('k2sidebarnumber') > 0 and dynamic_sidebar(1)) ) { ?> <?php } /* End Widgets/SBM check */ ?>
    I don’t understand php that well but I suspect the dynamic_sidebar function calls the standard widgets.

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  • I really do think that people who install high end specialist themes like K2 are better off consulting the author or the theme forum. It operates completely differently to the WP core and to most themes. The community is divided in 2 groups. Those who use it. And those who choose not to know the first thing about it. 🙂

    It in fact was a CSS issue.
    But thanks for the insult.

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