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  • Hi

    I have set up a custom post type called ‘transport’ and various categories, such as:

    Land (parent category)
    Sea (parent category)
    Air (parent category)

    What I want to do is create lots of new content assigned to the new post type ‘transport’ and assign each piece of content to a category or two as I go along. Creating the custom post type and assigning the categories is not a problem, I can do that, however…

    On the front end of the site, within my page template, I simply want to use a widget or something that will display all content that Ive assigned the custom post type of ‘transport’ so the sidebar looks like this:-

    Land (5)
    Cars (1)
    Suzuki <— the actual post
    Trains (4)
    Sea (10)
    Boats (4)
    Submarines (6)
    Air (2)
    Aeroplanes (1)
    Helicopeters (1)

    So, people can see the number of posts within each category and clicking on the category name hides/shows the posts within.

    Does anyone know if there is a widget/plugin that can do this ?

    Any info much appreciated!

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