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    hi folks,

    i’m using the 3K2 theme with two sidebars. today i installed the ‘now reading’ widget. it was working fine for awhile but i just looked at it and the content in the right hand sidebar has dropped to the bottom… can someone help me figure this out?? my blog’s at… please answer – it’s driving me crazy…


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  • okay, i just checked it on a different computer and it looks fine… what the ??… how can i know if it’s at the top or at the bottom??

    that link should be


    If it looks fine in a different browser, but bad in another, it’s probably a code unrecognized to whichever browser that it doesn’t work in. It may be a CSS issue. One thing you could try would be to set positions (position: absolute and then define where everything on the page should go) for everything, so that no matter what browser it is, the positions for the various components of your page are pre-defined.

    hi wynderlon,

    thanks for the response. the browsers that i’ve looked at in are both IE – in one, the sidebar content was on the top (on my computer), in the other (a different computer), it was on the bottom. i checked foxfire on my computer and it seemed fine (haven’t checked the other, though). do you have any other ideas/suggestions? i appreciate your help…


    There seem to be lots of reason why the sidebar goes to the bottom. In the first theme I tried to use, I never could get it resolved. In my theme now, it is like you, where only in some peoples version of IE does it do strange things. The problem for me was discussed in this thread.

    You might look at that and see if it could be your issue.

    Sometimes this happens in IE when elements are too wide.
    In your right hand sidebar, it looks like your google search is a little bit too wide.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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