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  • mrsbeiss


    When viewing my site in Internet Explorer, no content whatsoever appears in my two right sidebars. Oppositely, it all seems to show up fine in any other browser.

    My site is at:

    I’d appreciate any help you can offer me! Thanks 🙂

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  • stvwlf



    You have a good amount of bad HTML on your site – unclosed tags. In my debugging tool, IE isn’t even seeing your sidebars – the code stops just before the sidebars display. Other browsers are much better about parsing invalid code than IE is.

    You can see the problems here.

    The problem I am seeing in IE starts on line 692. It could be lines before that setting up the error. If you are not a technical person you will most likely need a web person to correct the problems.



    I have the same issue. I just updated to WP 2.84 from WP 2.3. It was working fine in the older WP version. It works in Firefox, chrome, etc., but my sidebars disappear in IE8.



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    You have a large number of validation errors on your site. Plus you’ve been pasting in content from Word.

    Don’t paste content from Microsoft Word directly into WordPress as the pasted text will also contain Word’s own formatting. Sooner or later, this formatting will stop your pages from being displayed correctly (if at all) in Internet Explorer. If you cannot possibly manage without Word, paste your text into NotePad (or another text editor) first, then copy from NotePad into WordPress.



    Holy cow! Thanks so much stvwlf and esmi. I’m not very knowledgeable in this department, so how on earth should I go about correcting this problem? I don’t even know where to start, and, if I can’t do it myself, what kind of “web person” should I try to contact to do it for me? *deep breath* oh so overwhelming 🙁



    @mrsbeiss: you need someone who understands how to clean up that code.

    You have a lot going on, on your site, possibly a lot of plugins installed. Sometimes a plugin turns out to be the cause of some of the problems. The typical way to test is
    1) back up the database
    2) disable all plugins
    3) see if the site now works in IE
    if it does, turn the plugins back on one by one, testing each time if it still works in IE.
    if it doesn’t work in IE with all plugins off then plugins are not the problem, there is code that needs cleaning up.

    If you want to hire someone to do this a good place to ask is on the WP Pros board. You have to join the list to post there. In an email explain what is wrong and what you are looking for. Ask for background info and rates. People will reply to you.



    stvwlf, thank you so much for all your help! Now that you mention it, I do have a lot of plugins that I need to remove, although I’ll for sure test them all. Also, thanks for the link to the WP Pros board 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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