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    I migrated my locally hosted site to a live server this week. Everything works except on the home (latest posts) page. The 2 registered sidebars FeatPcast and Sidebar somehow get merged together when the page loads and now the “Sidebar” (div id=”sidebar-search”) is displaying in the area on my page that is styled for the FeatPcast (div class=”featured-podcast”) which uses a plugin widget called Featured Podcast Widget.

    If I load the Featured Podcast Widget into “Sidebar”, it shows on the home page, so I know the plugin works. Can anyone help me figure out why the sidebar div is being placed inside the Featured podcast div when the page loads? It works correctly on my locally hosted site. The URL is This is my first WP site that I coded so I consider myself a total newbie to this. I can provide code if needed.

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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  • Something probably went wrong in the back-end. Could you send me a screenshot of what it supposed to look like from your locally hosted site?

    And how did you migrate your website? Did you use a plugin? If so, please tell me which one, because that could be a cause as well.

    And with coded your WP site you mean you coded the theme you use on this site?

    Please let me know, I’d be glad to help.

    Hi, thanks for the offer to help! I used the All In One plugin to do the migration. Yes, I built this theme from scratch. I took a web development certificate course in 2015 and one of the modules was Someone I know was having issues with their site and after researching it, I found out that the WP platform could handle what he wanted, so I cracked open the workbook and started coding. Then he jumped ship and my work sat idle for a year until it was resurrected by the other 2 authors on the original site. That is why it never went live before.

    Looking at the index.php code, I thought I had one of the php get_sidebar lines wrong (I still think I might) so I tried something new, which is on the live site now (you can see a skinny bar to the right on the page) but it messed up the local site and still did not fix the fact that the divs are not where they should be.. I hope this makes sense.

    A jpg of the entire page as it should be is here:

    Joshua, I got it figured out!!! I changed a bunch of html, and I don’t know (or care) why, I am just so happy it is working!!!!! And it still looks good on the local host so I am gonna call it a day!! Crossing my fingers that something doesn’t make it go wonky again. I deleted sidebars, I re-added sidebars, I renamed sidebars, I added code, I deleted codeā€¦just so happy it is working! I still don’t know why the divs got moved, but I can’t take any more time on it, I have to move on. thanks fo rthe offer to help!

    Hey Gail,

    Good to hear that you found a solution!

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