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  • i am using the silver light theme and i am trying to use and edit it. it’s supposed to be a 2 column theme. i notice they call for 2 dynamic sidebars in their sidebar.php. so when i go to the widgets page, there are 2 sidebars. (the default 2 column theme by
    wordpress only has one). so i try to update my sidebar with what i want (categories, meta, recent posts, etc) and it will update if you put it in i think the right column of the widgets page. but then if you put it in the left column, it’ll go to it’s default sidebar. i’m guessing the default sidebar is what is in sidebar.php because i have
    tweaked it a bit and i see it has stuff like
    <h2>recent posts</h2>


    but now the retarded thing seems to be is that i can edit the sidebar to the way i want on the widgets page and the sidebar.php page so they are calling out the same stuff. however, when i click on a post, and it goes to the single.php file, the sidebar now
    hanges to have less stuff that i want (maybe only 3 of the items I chose on the widgets page instead of 5 itmes)! like i don’t know why it does that. i see in single.php it calls out for the sidebar with get_sidebar, but it doesn’t actually get my default sidebar.php page, or the sidebar from my widgets page. but if i use the person’s
    default sidebar, by leaving the widget page alone, when i go to singe.php, his sidebar stays there. Any tips?

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