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  • Anyone ever find a way to make the sidebar categories more dynamic? I’ve been searching, but can seem to locate anything other then people with the same problem. (I guess my problem is I’m trying to use blog software for a “non-blog” site)


    Say I have the folowing:

    >>Sub Cat1
    >>>More Sub Cat1
    >>>Even More Sub Cat1
    >>Sub Cat2
    >>>More Sub Cat2

    But I only want displayed
    unless the user clicks on the sub cat link.

    Right now I’m using the Category Order plugin to make it “look” like all the cats are open. But it always looks like that regardless what the users current category is.

    Also, how do you remove the counters from the Category?
    How do you make the main page static? I don’t want new posts listed.

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  • There’s a plugin that collapses this sort of thing to the “look and structure” you want. Look here: – was called “foldpagelist” I think, but may do what you want.

    yeah, I tried that plugin.. Activated it, modded the sidbar php and nothing happened. LOL


    There may be a good reason why nothing happened. Fold Page List is intended for folding the page navigation, not category navigation list. Fold Category List is the one for handling the category list. If you have tried FCL and still don’t get what you are looking for, please send details to the email address in the header of the plugin so that assistance can be provided.

    From what you describe in the opening post of this thread FCL is exactly what you are looking for.

    Best regards


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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