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  • I am having the same problem. If you find a solution, please post it here. Thank you!

    Will do. I am a Woo Themes member and have added a ticket to their support forum but not sure they’ll respond considering I’m using woo commerce with a non-woo theme. The theme developers, although normally great with assisting, are not helping on this occasion because they see it as a Woo Commerce bug. Dang!

    The fact it is happening on Twenty Twelve might encourage Woo to take a look at it.

    If I don’t get a response I’ll sort a solution myself.

    I’ll keep you posted with any fixes.

    Roy Ho


    I just tested this in twenty twelve default theme and I am not seeing the duplicate buttons.

    Thanks Splashing Pixels – it’s got to be just my install maybe – but even the Theme Developers (YIW – Sommerce Theme) said it was doing the same thing on Twenty Twelve. I’ll uninstall and try again!

    Roy Ho


    Yeah not sure why you guys are seeing that…I tested this with a simple product and a product with variations. I even tested adding 1 item all the way up to 5 items to the cart and each time I am not seeing any duplicated buttons.

    Weird thing is the issue disappears as soon as you add additional products to the cart. Will post back once I get a chance to work out a fix in case others ever experience same.

    Roy Ho


    Please note that my testing environment is that I’ve never installed or activated any 3rd party themes. So it was a vanilla setup with the latest WP and WooCommerce and 2012 theme activated by default. Not sure if this has anything to do with it but just sharing the setup so you can test for yourself.

    I am having exactly the same problem as loudcow. I was told it was a WooCommerce bug. Oddly, I viewed it at work with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and it had the cart problem. But I just got home, and it shows up normal (without the duplicate) on Chrome but when I view it in Firefox, it shows up duplicated. I am so confused.

    Hey addicted2alice – Clear your cache in Chrome (home computer) and I dare say you’ll see the issue as it was at work for you:) Can I possibly ask what theme you’re using?

    And yes – to confirm splashingpixels – all fine with a vanilla set up and twenty twelve my end as well – it only shows up on twenty twelve when tt has been activated after the original theme was installed and then replaced with twenty twelve – thanks so much for mentioning this – so definitely something to do with the my theme even though the developers say otherwise.

    No time to sort for next few days – a bug I can live with for a bit – but will come back if I find a fix addicted2alice:)

    Hi loudcow, I am using Mayashop at the moment and didn’t have the problem before upgrading to WooCommerce 2. Thought it could be some of the plugins I have been using but I had deactivated all of them and the problem was still there. Sorry, I am not more helpful. I am a bit of a noob when it comes to coding. I’ve been searching for days online and on forums but can’t seem to find a solution or even other people that were having the same problem. I’ll keep looking and asking around though and will post if I find anything. 🙂

    Hey there addicted2alice. Your information was very helpful because it confirmed it is/was a theme issue – Mayashop is by the same developers as my theme. We’re both using themes from YIW. I would suggest you enter a support ticket with YIW and advise them of this thread – you’ll need to register for theme support on their website first up. Their replies are fairly prompt. They have sent me a new woocommerce.php file to replace in the theme’s folder – I would post a link to same here but it is for a different theme. I imagine, however, the bug fix file will be the same. Let me know how you go:)


    Plugin Support Nicola Mustone


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi guys, just to let you know.
    We fixed this problem, and the file is in the forums of maya and cheope.

    Note that this is not a support reply, we will not reply to other support questions here. I replied only because a lot of users are linking this topic in our support desk!

    Hi loudcow & nicola,

    All is good! Nicola sent me the file and it works perfectly! Thank you guys for your support. 🙂

    Hi all has anyone got a link to the solution?

    Roy Ho


    @granada21 – the solution is to use a 2.0 compatible theme. If your theme doesn’t work, ask your theme developer for updates.

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