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Sidebar behind product images

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  • Roy Ho


    Please post your URL.

    Roy Ho


    Couple of questions.

    1. Is your theme WooCommerce compatible?
    2. If YES to above question, is it 2.0 compatible?
    3. Was the site displaying like this before you activated WooCommerce?

    in answer to you questions:

    1)My theme is Invictus by doitmax…their help forum says there shouldn’t be a problem but

    2)doesn’t say it’s 2.0 compatible.

    3) No – the site works/d perfectly – the product page looks very similar to the blog post template – if that helps ?

    Many thanks again for your help

    Roy Ho


    So when you posted this on their forum and have them look at it, what did they say?

    From your answer to item 1, it seems your theme is not made for WooCommerce but just a normal blog/site theme.


    No, it’s not made specifically for WooCommerce

    I did not ask them specifically as someone else had asked a different question about compatibility, and that was where they didn’t see a problem why it wouldn’t work.

    I tried here first as i thought it would be the best place to start – as on the face of it, it seemed a simple issue to someone familiar with this type of thing.

    If it’s beyond the scope of the forum i’ll try the theme creator, but i’m not sure they will be helpful as it’s a 3rd party plugin.

    Best Regards

    Roy Ho


    Yes, this is not a plugin issue. It is the theme’s responsibility to style it correctly, hence I asked if your theme is made for this plugin.

    And normally this would be an easy fix however having looked at your site, it is quite messy so I won’t be able to help you just by looking at your site. This needs someone to look at your files/code…Atleast it would be faster than stabbing in the dark.

    My recommendation is for you to ask your theme developer to personally look into this and why it doesn’t work if they claim it should work.

    and here was me thinking the theme looked smart 😉 lol

    I really appreciate you input – i’ll give them a try but won’t hold my breath 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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