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    Hi there!

    I am creating a site for a friend (and we are in LOVE with your theme, so thanks so much for making it!)and I was wondering how to change the color of the sidebars? They are currently f0f0f0 and as I am able to change the colors of the header, footer, etc in the styling area, I can’t seem to do so for the sidebars.

    Also, Is there a way to change the header font color?

    I apologize if these are overly-simple questions… this is my second WP site built and I am seemingly rusty :/

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  • Hi! Glad to hear!

    Sidebar colors are changed by changing Primary Accent color and Secondary Accent Color.

    Perhaps I have the wrong version (or have been staring at this screen WAY too long and don’t see where I can change the primary and secondary colors.. these are the options I have on the styling page:

    Sidebar Width
    Primary Color
    Secondary Color
    Topbar Background
    Header Background
    Header Menu Background
    Footer Background
    Header Logo Image Max-height
    Image Border Radius
    Body Background

    I am running version 1.3.7 … perhaps I need to update? Thanks so much in advance. And consider those random acts of kindness you request in exchange for your amazing theme given! I’m up to three so far today 🙂

    Primary Color
    Secondary Color

    They are on your list there 🙂

    Awesome to hear with the kind acts 😀

    Right, but that changes the header or top of the sidebars, not the sidebar body color, which is currently a light grey. If changing that color isn’t an option, I can rework the current colors of the site to go with them.. just wanted to ask before doing that 🙂

    Oh, sorry – I misunderstood. The backgrounds of the sidebars takes some work to change. First you need to add this custom css:

    .sidebar { background-color: red!important; }

    That will give a start. Then, you need to edit the used background images in the /hueman/img/sidebar/ folder to the new color as well.

    Okay, thank you so much for such quick responses! Sounds like keeping it light grey and working around it will be the best bet for me til I feel more comfortable.

    Thanks again!!

    thank you

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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