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  • Probably have a missing ending div or something but I can’t tell with all of the other errors that exist on that page:


    Hehe – yes – I know I know. Thats the price I have to pay implementing toto many plug ins and other clutter…

    Look at this page instead – not as many errors, and still the same problem.

    Reduced to one error – so I guess Its not the validation…

    What happens if you move the .sidebar div above the .ncol div? So you get: <div class="sidebar">...content...</div><div class="ncol">... content ... </div>
    Strange as that sounds, sometimes doing that fixes the problem for me.

    If not, try changing the float of the sidebar class to “left”, and adding a margin-left to it until it looks right.

    Or, try adding overflow:hidden to either or both the .sidebar and .ncol classes, in case something is stretching beyond the width of the divs.

    Thanx for all hanilovsme! I solved it skipping the width in .fullstory

    Adding overflow:hidden worked for me. Glad I discovered this thread, I was going nuts trying to find a solution. 42% of my visitors use IE6, but I only learnt about the problem by accident.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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