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  • I’ve installed Event Organiser and entered three events. I have two problems:
    1) Only the first two show in the sidebar widget, despite the fact I’ve set the maximum amount at 5
    2) When I click on each of the events in the sidebar it takes me to a page that simply says “CONTENT”. There is no listing of the event details I inputted.

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  • 1) Above solved. Still stumped by 2)


    Out of interest, what happened with number 1?

    I’ve never come across (2) before – could you link to the site? Is the single-event.php template being used?

    Hi Stephen, thanks for your reply. The problem with 1) was that I had 2012 as the date of one event instead of 2013, duh!

    As for 2) the site is Unfortunately its loading painfully slow if at all right now. I left the template box blank in the widget – is that what you are asking? If I use the template you suggest, how do I do that? I checked the documentation but could not see how to do this sorry.


    The word CONTENT has now disappeared and been replaced by unformatted information – not sure how or why that happened, but the site is running at normal speed now! Anyway, how do I get it looking like the rest of the site? Thats where templates come in?

    I tried – but it was loading very slowly.

    R.e. the widget template – the widget template is just a placeholder, that allows you to use tags (such as %event_excerpt% and %start% etc). Documentation is a bit hidden away at the bottom of this page: – but that’s nothing to do with what you’re seeing.

    Not sure where the word ‘CONTENT’ came from or where it went – but how the events page is now displayed is not that uncommon. Basically the default template files for these pages (in this particular example single-event.php) don’t work well with your theme – nothing major, but one-size never fits all.

    To fix it you can copy the templates (in event-organiser/templates) into your theme folder and edit them there. The single-event.php probably wants to look like your single.php – so you can use that as a base. You can the include event specific information by using the available functions (you want to display the category or a venue map etc).

    By copying the templates into your theme your changes will survive a plug-in update. There’s more information on this page.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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