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    Hey everone!

    Question: I’m building my mom’s website at and I’m running into some design issues. I’m not a css or php expert, but I’m decent at editing them. I’m using the Suffusion theme (which I’d rather not change if possible). As you can see, the eBay Sales Lister plugin is showing up really weird with text overlapping. I’d like to widen the sidebar (if you think that would even help) so it will adjust to the width of the sidebar. I wouldn’t mind losing the bullet points if that would help as well.

    The second part is that the tabs in the header are overlapping the shield in the logo. I realize that I could just shrink the logo, but I’m already running into resolution issues since I’m editing a pre-existing logo of hers (I don’t have the original shield image). I’d like to increase the height of the header to allow the tabs to be lower so they won’t interfere with the logo.

    Finally, is there a way for me to link the logo to the home page and also to change the font on the “handcrafted chainmail” link in the header and the subheader?

    I know this is a lot and I know it’s probably annoying dealing with such a noob, but I really want to help my mom out and get this done. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.


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  • For the overlapping:

    Change this at approx line 11:

    .ebay .ebay_sale {

    to this:

    .ebay .ebay_sale {

    I found this using Firefox and their addon Firebug. Let’s you point at spots in your site and then shows the css code involved.

    Nb. changes go into your style.css in your theme folder.

    You are my hero! The eBay listings now look normal (I wound up going to 125px on the height – 95 wasn’t enough).

    Anyone have any thoughts about the header/tab situation?

    Turns out, I’m part genius (LOL) – I figured out the header thing myself!

    BTW, for anyone else reading this – I went into the Suffusion theme folder under wp-content. I renamed style.css to style_ORIGINAL.css to back it up. Then I ftp-ed the file to my computer, renamed it style.css and edited this:

    #header { height: 55px; padding: 15px 0; }

    and changed the height to 80px instead. This gave my header enough height so that the tabs were clear of the logo. Thanks again, everyone!

    Good; did you try the Firefox way? In Firebug (all free) you can actually preview changes by just typing them in (no saving possible so no danger there).

    Now how about the horizontal grey bar at the top? A bit too high?

    #page #wrapper #container #main-col {
    width:690px; /*WAS 775px*/

    And how about the width? 1024 px gives me a horizontal scrollbar and I don’t like them.

    #wrapper {
    border:1px solid #008000;
    margin:20px auto;  /*WAS 50 px rules top grey bar*/
    width:970px;  /*WAS 1050 px*/

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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