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    Hi Folks,

    I have started a website for my parents, using WordPress. The site has one main goal: be a news site.

    Here is what they wish to have:

    FRONTPAGE: link and passages from the day’s news.
    OPEDS: They also want to have readers submit their own analyses and opinions.

    But they do not want to have the OPEDS get mixed with the news on the front page. In order to achieve this goal, I created a category for “oped” and I hid it from the front page.

    Here is my problem: they would like to have the ten most recent opeds displayed on the sidebar.

    From reading the Forum, I gather that I would need to have a list for a specific category. But I know not how. Any plugins? Any help?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Thank you for the link Moshu. I tried to install that and were not successful but it is probably my own fault. I’ll keep trying. But isthere any chance that it is not working with current versions of wordpress, since the plugin is from 2004?

    I always do my best to recommend only plugins that work. Though I am minimalistic in plugin usage – I can tell for sure about this one that it works: it is installed on one of my blogs with the latest WP version.

    thank you again. it is therefore my own fault. i am so new to this world. i am a philosophy professor and am learning that a phd is worthless when it comes to php 🙂

    This admission of stupidity will make me look real dumb but just in case anyone else is as bad at this as I am and is looking through the forum, it may help them too.

    I had not added <?php at the beginning of the pasted function in the sidebar, nor did I close the tag. I also did not know that I had to take out the word “function”. Trial and error.

    Please don’t laugh too hard…

    The plugin page has a few examples with the code you need to put in your template file(s) – together with the expected outcome.

    (degrees in linguistics – in my case – don’t help either but I’ve mastered the art of “copy/paste” 😉

    Infintely thank you. One last question — if you have the time — and I promise to stop bothering you. If there a line I could add to the end of the code so that after, say, five posts from a category have been displayed on the sidebar it would say “Click here for more articles”?

    Again, much obliged

    And where that link would point to? To the category archive?
    You could add manually – after the closing ?>, of course! – something like
    a href="">Click here to read more articles...</a>
    – you can replace the url simply with the one you see in your address bar after clicking on that category’s name in the sidebar.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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